Friday, 6 May 2011

Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud is set to release her debut album Cinderella Eyes in Autum 2011, I must admit I'm rather excited, I do love me some girls aloud and Nicola has always been my personal favourite. 1. Because shes a Ginger and 2. she has really blossomed and come into her own. Unlike the other girls there's something about Nicola, Cheryl and Nadine have both threw their selves into solo careers and both producing dated or overrated crap, however something tells me Nicola is gonna wipe the floor with the other girls musically. Collaborating with Dragonette, Diplo Dimitri, Metromony its hard not be be impressed by Nicolas choices and slightly wet with excitment for her new singel 'Beat Of My Drum on June 5th 2011

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